Petrocub Predictions


Last: 40 games.
Wins: 27 games.
Draws: 9 games.
Losses: 4 games.
Scored: 104 goals.
Conceded: 25 goals.

Petrocub Last Games

In the last 40 games Petrocub has won 27, they have lost 4, and it has ended in a draw 9.

Win Draw Lose

Petrocub Over 2.5 Goals

In Petrocub last 40 games there have been over 2.5 goals 22 matches and under 2.5 goals in the other 18 matches.

Over 55%Under 45%

Petrocub Last Results

Date Match League Result
17.07Petrocub vs Ordabasy UEFA Champions League 1 : 0
10.07Ordabasy vs Petrocub UEFA Champions League 0 : 0
03.07Farul Constanta vs Petrocub Friendlies Clubs 1 : 5
29.06Farul Constanta vs Petrocub Friendlies Clubs 1 : 2
25.05Petrocub vs Zimbru Cupa 3 : 1
18.05Petrocub vs Zimbru Super Liga 4 : 1
11.05Milsami Orhei vs Petrocub Super Liga 1 : 1
04.05Petrocub vs Dacia-Buiucani Super Liga 7 : 0
01.05CSF Bălți vs Petrocub Cupa 0 : 1
28.04Petrocub vs Sheriff Tiraspol Super Liga 2 : 1


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