Xavi leads 'mole hunt' to stop information leaks at Barcelona

Xavi leads 'mole hunt' to stop information leaks at Barcelona
Xavi leads 'mole hunt' to stop information leaks at Barcelona

The coach reportedly asked all members of his staff to hand over their mobile phones so that their conversations on WhatsApp could be checked by a club employee.

Xavi Hernandez, the head coach of Barcelona, has taken a firm stance against the unauthorized dissemination of confidential team information, initiating what has been described as a "mole hunt" within the club.

This move comes in response to a series of leaks that have seen sensitive details about team strategies and player conversations become public knowledge, much to the frustration of the Barcelona legend.

The situation reached a critical point just hours before Barcelona's crucial Champions League Round of 16 first leg against Napoli, prompting Xavi to adopt more stringent measures to safeguard the team's internal communications. "El Chiringuito," a well-known Spanish sports program, reported that Xavi has gone as far as requesting his staff to surrender their mobile phones during a confidential meeting. The objective was to allow a designated club employee to inspect their WhatsApp messages, aiming to identify any traces of leaked information.

This drastic step underscores the gravity with which Xavi views the issue of privacy and the integrity of the team's internal affairs. Leaks not only compromise strategic plans but also potentially undermine the trust and cohesion within the squad. By scrutinizing the personal communications of his staff, Xavi is signaling a zero-tolerance policy towards breaches of confidentiality, reflecting his commitment to maintaining a secure and focused team environment.

In addition to these internal measures, Xavi has also reached out to various media outlets in an attempt to trace the origin of the leaks. This proactive approach follows a public outburst from midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who openly criticized the Spanish press for spreading what he termed "lies" about the team. Xavi echoed de Jong's sentiments in a press conference ahead of the Napoli game, lamenting the unfair treatment faced by Barcelona players and staff due to fabricated media reports.

Xavi's leadership in addressing this challenge highlights his dedication not only to the tactical and technical aspects of football management but also to protecting the welfare and privacy of his players. By tackling the issue head-on, Xavi is striving to foster a culture of trust and discretion at Barcelona, essential components for any team aspiring to achieve success on the global stage. As the club continues to navigate through these turbulent waters, the unity and resilience demonstrated by Xavi and his team will be crucial in their quest for domestic and European honors.

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