Mourinho has seen enough after one half and grants Huijsen his debut in the starting lineup

Mourinho has seen enough after one half and grants Huijsen his debut in the starting lineup
Mourinho has seen enough after one half and grants Huijsen his debut in the starting lineup

Dean Huijsen has a starting spot on Wednesday evening for AS Roma in the cup match against rival Lazio. The Dutch central defender made his debut last weekend as a substitute and is now making his starting debut under coach José Mourinho. Rick Karsdorp also starts.

The recent developments in Dean Huijsen's career have been making headlines in the world of European football. 

The Portuguese coach of AS Roma, renowned for his keen eye for talent, has been vocal in his praise for Huijsen, labeling him as "one of the greatest talents in European football." This high praise comes in the wake of AS Roma successfully negotiating a loan deal with Juventus, one of Italy's premier football clubs, for Huijsen's services.

Huijsen's journey in the current season has been nothing short of remarkable. His introduction to the Italian top-flight football was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint. Last Sunday's match against Atalanta marked a significant milestone in his career. Entering the game as a substitute after halftime, Huijsen's performance was closely scrutinized. It appears he made a significant impression, particularly on his coach, José Mourinho. His display of skill and composure on the field led Mourinho to make the decisive call to start him in the upcoming critical match against Lazio.

The significance of Huijsen's early matches for AS Roma cannot be overstated. Each game he has played so far, and is slated to play, falls into the category of high-stakes encounters. His debut against Atalanta was crucial, and the upcoming match against Lazio carries immense importance, as Roma seeks to advance to the semifinals of the Coppa Italia. Furthermore, his appearances for Juventus, including his first showing in the high-profile match against AC Milan, have contributed to his growing reputation as a player of exceptional potential.

Adding another layer of complexity and commitment to his career trajectory, Huijsen recently extended his contract with Juventus until the summer of 2027. This extension, confirmed before the loan deal to AS Roma was finalized, signifies Juventus's faith in his long-term value to the club. Huijsen, a Dutch central defender, brings a unique background to his play, having grown up in Spain. His multicultural upbringing and exposure to different football cultures have arguably contributed to his versatile playing style. He officially joined Juventus in 2021, and since then, he has been on a path of rapid development, attracting attention from top clubs and coaches across Europe.

In essence, Dean Huijsen's ascent in European football is a story of rapid rise, strategic career moves, and the recognition of talent by some of the most respected figures in the sport. His performances in the upcoming matches for AS Roma are eagerly awaited, as they are likely to be a barometer of his potential to make a lasting impact in the world of football.

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