Mbappé insults Lewandowski after a touch to the face

Mbappé insults Lewandowski after a touch to the face
Mbappé insults Lewandowski after a touch to the face

The incident happened this Tuesday, during the France-Poland match in the third round of Group D at Euro 2024.

The heated atmosphere of "El Clásico" between Real Madrid and Barcelona was put into practice this Tuesday at Euro 2024.

In the match between France and Poland (1-1) for the third round of Group D, Kylian Mbappé and Robert Lewandowski were involved in an altercation.

This happened because, at the 88th minute of the match, during a ball dispute, the forward from the Blaugrana team touched the face of the new "star" of the Merengues, who was wearing a mask for facial protection after fracturing his nose in the first round of the group stage against Austria on the 17th.

Visibly irritated by the incident, Kylian Mbappé ended up directing insulting words at Robert Lewandowski. "It was that son of a b***h," said the French forward.

However, at the end of the match, the two football stars who scored the goals for their respective teams in the game, both from penalties hugged each other, in a gesture that put an end to the controversy. At least, for now.

The game itself was a high-stakes affair, with both teams vying for critical points to advance to the knockout stages. The tension was palpable from the outset, with both sides displaying aggressive play and strong defensive tactics. Mbappé, wearing a protective mask due to his recent injury, was a constant threat to the Polish defense, using his speed and agility to create several scoring opportunities.

Lewandowski, on the other hand, was Poland's main attacking force, showcasing his clinical finishing and intelligent movement off the ball. The clash between these two footballing giants was one of the most anticipated aspects of the match, given their prominence in European club football.

The incident at the 88th minute added a dramatic twist to an already intense game. Mbappé's reaction to the face contact, especially given his recent injury, was immediate and intense. His outburst highlighted the pressure and emotions running high during the match. The French forward's frustration was evident, but the situation was diffused quickly by the officials and teammates from both sides.

Despite the on-field altercation, the post-match scene painted a different picture. Both players, understanding the heat of the moment, chose to put the incident behind them. The hug at the end was a testament to their professionalism and mutual respect, showing that even in the most competitive environments, sportsmanship prevails.

This match not only highlighted the competitive spirit of Euro 2024 but also underscored the physical and emotional demands placed on top-level athletes. Both France and Poland will now look ahead to their next challenges, with the hope that their key players can lead them to further success in the tournament. The moment between Mbappé and Lewandowski, despite its brief volatility, ultimately served as a reminder of the unity and respect that underpins the beautiful game.