Data shows how calm Ronaldo remained for the second penalty against Slovenia

Data shows how calm Ronaldo remained for the second penalty against Slovenia
Data shows how calm Ronaldo remained for the second penalty against Slovenia

Cristiano Ronaldo played a key role in the Portugal-Slovenia match on Monday by missing a penalty in extra time, but in the penalty shootout, the Portuguese captain scored. Data shows how calm Ronaldo remained during his retry.

After his miss in the first half of extra time, Ronaldo reportedly burst into tears upon seeing his mother crying in the stands.

The emotional moment seemed to affect the five-time Ballon d'Or winner deeply. However, demonstrating his renowned mental resilience, Ronaldo composed himself and stepped up again in the penalty shootout. This time, he outsmarted goalkeeper Jan Oblak, converting his penalty and playing a crucial role in Portugal's progression.

Data from Whoop, an American technology company that collaborates with athletes including Ronaldo and Virgil van Dijk, provided insights into how Ronaldo managed to control his emotions for Portugal's first penalty in the shootout. The data revealed that just before the Portuguese star began his run-up, his heart rate was around 100 bpm. This was Ronaldo's lowest heart rate during the match against Slovenia, indicating a remarkable level of calmness under pressure.

Thanks in part to the striker's successful penalty, Portugal secured a spot in the quarterfinals against France. The penalty shootout saw Slovenia falter, missing all their attempts. Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa made three crucial saves, ensuring Portugal's victory. The heart rates of the three Slovenian players during their penalties were not disclosed.

Ronaldo's ability to regain his composure and perform under immense pressure underscores his experience and mental fortitude. His leadership on the field continues to inspire his teammates and fans alike. As Portugal prepares to face France in the quarterfinals, the team will rely on Ronaldo's expertise and calming presence to guide them through what promises to be another challenging match.

This latest performance adds to Ronaldo's legendary status, demonstrating that even at 39, he remains a pivotal figure in international football. His dedication to maintaining peak physical and mental condition is evident, and his influence on the game continues to be profound. As the European Championship progresses, all eyes will be on Ronaldo and his quest to lead Portugal to glory once again.